Tallinn, Estonia
February 28, 2010
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TH: Were there any bands in Estonia playing back then that you guys enjoyed listening to?

Bonne: Still playing?

TH: Well, even back then during the occupation, were there any bands playing live...

Bonne: Oh, Estonian bands? Yeah! The same we mentioned before... uh definately, yeah, early (punk?) bands who were great [at] protest[ing] against the Soviet Union government.

Jaagup: [?]

Bonne: JFK, [?], [?], there are a lot [?] with them already early, middle of the 80's and yeah...there is some bands still in existance also.

TH: Cool. Well, um, for future plans do you guys have any shows lined up through, like, this summer? Upcoming?

Bonne: Yeah we have, uh, right now already announced one show in Finland in May. Then we definately play in August, uh, Rock Ramp Fest here in Estonia, its a big festival basic[ally] for local bands. And probably we are playing Hard Rock [?] its also [a] two-day event and, uh, there are a lot of, uh, bands from [?] too...Rotting Christ and Finntroll will headline for summer. And there are some more things for Finland but not announced yet. And, uh, definately we are doing some, uh, acoustic shows also during summer but, uh, its not yet confirmed, maybe, also one festival.

TH: Do you guys ever plan to tour extensively outside of Estonia, like maybe other parts of Europe?

Bonne: Sure *laughs* there...you can make plans but you...this is quite difficult if you are not signed to the...not major labels but um, uh, bigger labels that takes care of...all these problems. So, for us right now to be on more extensive tours it means to finance ourselves. Uh...

Taff: [?] lots of care [?]

Bonne: Yeah [?] easy to travel. Definately we'd like to go on [a] more extensive tour, but uh, yeah its not that easy but we're definately working on it. And uh, a friend from the American(?) band Scroll, Adam(?) [?] who played in Ministry briefly, they are now coming back together and we have very warm communication [with] Adam. Hopefully when this [?] album is finally released and they are touring Europe they took us to the road.

TH: Awesome.

TH: When do you anticipate work being done on another album?

Bonne: Well for me, there are always new ideas that are forming, just taking shape that I've been writing, like five lyrics for some new songs already. I don't know what the other guys are thinking but I'd really like to start quietly working on the next album already, maybe in the summer, but yeah, we are in no rush and our last album...there are five year gaps between our last two albums and some remix works between the albums, I don't like to have a gap that big, maybe two years. I hope so...

*gestures to the other band members

Taff: We'll see.

Marx: We'll see


TH: Are you guys working on any other projects other than Pedigree? Marx I know is in Against The Day, any other things you guys are working on?

Bonne: Yes, Jaagup is.

Jaagup: Yes I have two other ones. Recycle Bin, and one I can't talk about..

Marx: Ooooohh


Jaagup: Its not I can't talk about it, it's not existing yet.

Bonne: We've been playing with a friend from the music scene, in the band called Astro Zombies, playing only Misfits songs, a tribute to the Misfits. And one day I was thinking about...it's already eight years passed since we started this, so it's really an old project, its none of our own songs, its just only a tribute to the Misfits. And of course, the Glen Danzig era of the Misfits. Only the Danzig stuff. We have found four or five guys who are really into Misfits and we really do enjoy playing just those songs.

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