New Orleans, Louisiana
August 14, 2009
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TH: Alright, well our last question of the night is by far the most important. Snakes or sharks? And why?

Gary: hmmm. Snakes or sharks?

Joey: Snakes versus sharks?

TH: Yeah. Which is more terrifying? Which is going to win?

Joey: I don't know, I've been watching shark week.

TH: I know, so have I.

Gary: Shark week is convincing.

Joey: Definitely the jumping sharks off of South Africa. The footage of them coming up from the bottom, that's pretty fucked up. But I also watch that guy, Steven Austin or whatever, the snake dude. Man, this guy, ya know (?) vipers and shit. I don't know, that's a hard one.

TH: The controversy continues.

Joey: Yeah, that's an unsettled one there.

Gary: Depends on if its an Anaconda versus a Tiger Shark. hahah.

Joey: Yeah, if we could get a (?) viper and a great white in the same arena.

TH: Maybe we can set that up, ya know.

Joey: that has some show touring potential.

TH: Yeah, I'd go see it.

Joey: Shark week tour.

Gary: Our next tour will be at aquariums.

Joey: Yeah, sponsored by Discovery Channel.

all three: hahaha.

TH: This is marketing genius.

Joey: Yeah.

TH: Well, alright, that's a wrap. Outlaw Order tonight with Soilent Green. You can watch this interview and all of tonight's show on Thanks a lot guys.

Gary: Thank yall.

Joey: My pleasure man. N.O.

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