New Orleans, Louisiana
August 14, 2009
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TH: I guess most importantly, we will see another EyeHateGod release?

Joey: oh yeah, I don't care if it takes us ten years, we'll do it.

TH: Alright, thats all we needed to hear. Well, it seems for Outlaw Order, bass has always been a revolving door for you guys and now Pat's in the band. How did that come about?

Joey: Well, that's mainly for EyeHateGod's bass. We always had a lot of different bass players. Well, I guess Outlaw Order too.

Gary: Outlaw Order too.

Joey: I mean as far as EyeHateGod, he's in, that's the dude that's in EyeHateGod. I mean we had a few people before. AS far as Outlaw Order, that was always like a new band and it was like, I mean, I think its at its point now where its an actual band. you know, we spent a lot of time writing and we tried to jam with Mark again just for the sake of, like he was in the first band I was ever in. And that didn't work out after a while, its the same bullshit with him. But Pat's awesome, I like jamming with Pat.

Gary: Yeah, its just kinda made sense at the time. We recorded the album with four dudes cause it was just hard to find somebody that was ready to just sit down and do this without there being any obstacles in the way or getting to jam or whatever, ya know. So it just happened that Pat's always around. Like he hangs out with us, before he was even in the band. And he was just sitting around, he plays for Crowbar but he was sitting around and we were like "Dude, you want to play with us?" ya know. And it just made sense, just like all the other bands where were all friends.

Joey: Its like, I'd rather mainly get along with somebody that I know I can be in a band with and in a hotel with for a month at a time, you know what I mean. That's a friend and that I can rely on, that can just be in that close quarters with somebody for that period of time that I don't get along with, don't have anything in common with.

Gary: Somebody that you "hired."

Joey: That's like a vital part.

TH: Friends before band mates.

Joey: Yeah.

Gary: Totally.

Joey: I mean we do have to sneak into the studio behind his back and fix all the bass tracks and all but thats part of having a bass player that sucks.

all three: hahahaha

TH: Sorry Pat.

TH: Lets talk about you guys' future plans. Your March tour of the East Coat was postponed for family issues. You guys planning on rescheduling those dates?

Joey: Definitely. We've got, when is (looks at Gary) You know more about the date lines.

Gary: Yeah, we were talking about maybe doing something in November in the States like a little ten date thing. That's still kind of up in the air. We've kinda ha a hard time getting a booking agent to set it all up for us. But now its starting to come together where the label's throwing this guy at us that's in Europe that can put us on a tour with another band that is like us. That we can get along with or something like that, ya know?

Joey: You'll probably see a lot more work out of Outlaw Order than EyeHateGod, honestly. I mean with Down and everything going on, EyeHateGod has almost become something that just gets squeezed in during short periods of time. Which is a shame, its a shame its like that. It sucks but thats kinda why Outlaw Order ended up getting together, ya know what I mean? It was either act on your creativity and inspiration and start another band or sit there and do nothing for months while people are outta town. I just can't do that, its like sacrificing your creativity. So I say you'll probably see a lot more Outlaw Order action than EyeHateGod. But we're going to do as much as we can every year.

TH: On that east coast tour, the entire east coast or what part of the country?

Gary: We're doing a show in Baltimore and then we're going up to New York and then we're going to Boston and that's a wrap.

TH And these are EyeHateGod dates?

Gary: These are EyeHateGod dates. Its dates that we squeezed in right before, when Down gets back at the end of September or something like that then they go in the studio in November. So this was basically the only thing we could squeeze in. You know, like whenever we can do something, we'll do something but when Down's in the picture and they want to write a record or something, that takes priority.

TH: So, when can the fans in Alaska and Estonia plan on seeing EyeHateGod or Outlaw Order?

Joey: As soon as somebody gives us about ten grand and a plane ticket to go up there, we'll go tomorrow.

Gary: Yeah, if its a weekend gig, we can do it.

all three: hahaha.

TH: (looks at camera) Keep that in mind guys. Awesome. Well, whats in store for you guys other projects? Hawg Jaw's got a show coming up in September. Is there anymore shows planned?

Gary: We don't have anything planned beyond that, we're trying to finish, we have our forth record, is what we'll working on right now. We're pretty much to the point where we've got loose ends to tighten up and then we're going to try to record it in December. And then after we record it, we're actually going to try to go out and play shows outside of New Orleans which is an odd thing for us. Cause, with that band, people got other priorities, one of the guys owns a business and two of the people have kids. And they like to have fun with it, which is why we started playing to begin with. So. we're going to try to get out and do a little bit of touring at least cause we never leave. We've played like Atlanta, Savanna, or Texas. But you won't see us in L.A. or Portland or anything longer than five or six days.

TH: What about you, Joey? Do you have any other projects you've been working on?

Joey: Mainly, Outlaw Order and EyeHateGod. And I've got another little band I'm starting with some friends. Its going to be kinda based on like 70s occult rock called Lucifer's Hand. I'm going to do that, its just going to be like simple like old style like Black Sabbath album, something like that. And I'm hoping, like I got a lot of experimental electronic stuff I used to do years ago. I hoping maybe this year to try to get, try to put something of that out. I just got a lot of stuff I've never done anything with so this year that I'll devote some time to trying to do that, ya know?

Gary: Transferring all his cassettes haha.

Joey: Yeah, field recordings and stuff. Just tons of stuff I got I want to do something with cause its like its sitting there and its starting to decay and its all on cassette and all and its starting to loose a lot of it so I want to do something with it.

TH: I'm sure your fans want to hear everything.

Joey: Oh, I wouldn't doubt it. Its definitely going to be like a limited view. Like a small group of people will probably be into it but you know.

Gary: Its still worth hearing though man, its kinda like Take As Needed For Pain.

Joey: Yeah, like the stuff I did on that. Like the experimental stuff on that, its all like along that line.

TH: Well, other than music, what are you guys' hobbies? What do you like to do?

Joey: I like to read, do art, lots of stuff. Travel, whatever I can do. Mainly now, with having a family and all, its a lot of just being at home and hanging out with the little one, which is cool with me. Laid back, so thats cool with me.

TH: Yeah, I'm a father too, I understand that completely.

Joey: Yeah, you know how it is. Its kinda like, you almost feel like thats something more valuable than anything.

TH: Uh huh. What about you, Gary?

Gary: I spend a lot of time with my wife, like outside of work and jamming. I like to spend a lot of time with my wife, like watch a lot of movies, Project Runway marathons, Top Chef, shit like that. But other than that, I like to have turtles man. I got an alligator snapping turtle that I make a hobby out of. I dug a pond for him. I try to set up a natural habitat. And that's what I do for fun, I sit in the and play with dirt.

Joey: And Mike's got a lot of chickens and shit. Chickens and dogs.

TH: Wow, who would've known. You guys sports fans at all?

Joey: No.

Gary: No.

TH: None?

Gary: We like the Saints cause they're from here.

Joey: Yeah, gotta root for the Saints.

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