Houston, Texas
January 16, 2009
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TH: Part 2. The term Outlaw Order. One thing I noticed is that. cause like I'm a nerd like this, that Outlaw
Order can be like Outlaw Order like to do away with all order.

IX: That's what it means

TH: 'Cause it could also be like, you know, an order of outlaws. like a group of people.

IX: Right.

TH: Was that intentional or as that like an "oh shit" moments?

IX: No, it is intentional. It means like, you know, to like destroy order, you know. Or destroy like semblance or whatever you would say, you know? I mean thats what I would say as opposed to a group of outlaws.

TH: Oh, ok. Cause when I read it, I didn't know which one it was.

IX: But it means both now, I guess. I guess people could take it either way.

JL: A group of criminals at a restaurant.

TH: A group of criminals in a restaurant? A brutal gang of thugs.

GM: OH dude, auto chlor king

TH: auto chlor king, yeah I know what that shit is. I fucking work at a restaurant

GM: washing dishes like a machine itself

TH: you want a job at a pizza restaurant? I run that shit.

GM: nah, I like burritos

TH: you like burritos?

GM: I prefer Mexican

IX: He likes to wash cheese off plates.

GM: Yeah, cheese is way better

*everyone laughs*

TH: They're going to be closed by the time y'all get done, unless you wanna hit up East Houston like right now

BP: Fuckin' A, I could go for some pizza to eat for sure

TH: as opposed to pizza to what?

BP: uhh to cook.

TH: Its like what the fuck else do you need it for

GM: I love to eat it. I could eat it everyday but I don't want to make it

TH: Oh ok, cause I make it

TH: What about touring? Because this is what, 2 or 3 stop show or something?

BP: yeah, its just a weekend man. Man we used to do these all the time with EYEHATEGOD. With all the
bands we've played in. You know, just set up a couple weekend shows and just go out short distances from.

TH: cause I vaguely remember the last EYEHATEGOD tour was New Orleans, Monroe, and some place else.

BP: That wasn't really a tour, that was just another weekend spur.

TH: yeah, that was like this. So what’s the deal with touring coming up anytime soon?

BP: We're trying to set some stuff up in May with 16 and then hmm

IX: Actually, that’s in March and April.

BP: oh, March/April, I'm sorry. I thought it was April/May.

GM: We're doing a couple shows with Anal Cunt

Mike IX: yeah, at the end of April we're doing a couple shows with Anal Cunt. Like one in New Orleans and one
in Houston.

TH: yeah that needs to come to Houston, cause I'll be all up in that shit.

GM: yeah, I think its going to be here probably.

TH: oh, for real? nice

GM: yeah

BP: We're doing some festival stuff over the summer.

TH: Like overseas festivals?

BP: We're doing that and we're doing one in California

BP: yeah, Murder Fest

Mike IX: EYEHATEGOD's actually gong to be playing that.

BP: EYEHATEGOD's playing that too, yeah.

TH: For real? I might be in. I know I'm going to be on the west coast probably this summer.

BP: that’s in May

IX: yeah

TH: Man, I might have to swing that down.

BP: yeah its like the only show we'll be playing all year probably.

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