Houston, Texas
January 16, 2009
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On Jan 16 2009, Outlaw Order preformed live at Walter’s On Washington in Houston, Texas. And there to not only film the show but also conduct an interview with the entire band, was our very own Commish. Currently their last album DRAGGING DOWN THE ENFORCER is on sale at Amazon.com.

TYRONEHOOD: Alright this is Rx, The Commish, JD, John, Johnathan

Mike IX: Yeah, props

TH: Whatever you call me when you're fucked up Chris


TH: aka what?

IX: aka high steppa


TH: Representing Tyronehood.com. We've got Outlaw Order right here. Everyone say whats up


Mike IX: aka nigga called G White in the van

TH: Nigga called G White in the van. Aight lets kicked this shit off. First thing, the writing
difference between Outlaw Order and EYEHATEGOD. Cause obviously when I first hear it there's less
slow open chords. Its got more of a punk type influence

Brian Patton: Yeah

TH: That's the first thing I notice. So whats like the mind set going into writing for an album?

IX: EYEHATEGOD is more like molasses and Outlaw Order's more like syrup in the microwave

00%: *entire band laughs*

BP: Exactly

TH: I think that sums it up pretty damn good.

IX: *laughs* I have nothing else to add. Little bit runnier. Like cheap syrup, you know?

TH: Like that shit you buy at the dollar store that expired like 3 weeks ago

GM: yellow label

TH: yellow label?

IX: Its more, its jut like more up tempo

TH: We don't go that, we got Parade

BP: they don't even have yellow label anymore

GM: No, I was just a repo man

IX: Its more up tempo. We're just trying to make it more like, more brutal up tempo and like
slow heavy, you know? We got a little elements of EYEHATEGOD in it.

TH: and its the whole band minus you know one guitarist so of course you're going to have some bleed

IX: right. and it wasn't ever meant to be nothing anti-EYEHATEGOD or anything like that.

BP: No, we were just all hanging out.

BP: We were just jamming

BP: Just writing music and that's what was coming out

IX: This is a different outlet for what we do

Everyone: yeah, yeah

IX: Just like Sylvester Stallone's Rocky and Rambo

Everyone: *laughs*

TH: its like "man fuck it, if the fist don't work pull out the M16

IX: right

TH: So how did all this stuff start?

BP: I woke up and I fucking wen to the practice room after breakfast

GM: everyone came to my and jammed a few times

Mike IX: Jimmy was on tour

GM: oh yeah Jimmy went on tour for like

Mike IX: it was for Superjoint

BP: and Down

Joey LaCaze: and COC

GM: it was like the 3rd time Jimmy went and did something while we were waiting to do something
so we were like "well fuck, lets jam while hes outta town" and then that's what happened. So instead
of like trying to make EYEHATEGOD shit and people not being there, which would've sucked. We just kinda started, you know, something to entertain ourselves.

TH: Ok, so you said Jimmy was with COC so this was as far back as 2000 then

BP: Yeah, oh yeah. yeah. I mean a lot of these songs we had written were written years back

GM: Yeah we started in like 2002. Like we started jamming Outlaw Order in like 2002 like in the

TH: But as far as the songs being written, that was back before, you know, Down II, America's Volume Dealer, and Use Once And Destroy

00%: Yeah, yeah

TH: Oh, ok that's cool cause see I thought it was like started up in 2002, I didn't know it was that far back

IX: Well me and him *pointing towards Gary had been trying to get something like a side band

GM: Yeah like before I was even in EYEHATEGOD

TH: You were just jamming Hawg Jaw?

GM: I was jamming Hawg Jaw and another band, The Hammer (?). They were like a punk rock 'n roll band.

IX: And that's kinda what I wanted to do him. Like something like that. Something more punk than EYEHATEGOD.

TH: Yeah and I think you accomplished that with Outlaw Order. Just like the pace of the songs. Like I look at
EYEHATEGOD tracks, Blank runs in at like 7:11, whereas Siege Mentality's like 2:24

IX: yeah, the longest song is like, 3 minutes.

BP: We just tried to keep the songs short and sweet and don't over work the riffs and stuff. Just
play for a little while and move on kinda. A little bit of a different way of structuring the songs and stuff
like that

*the light turns off*

Everyone: Ohhh

IX: A timer on the light

Part 2