New Orleans, Louisiana
September 27, 2009
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TH: Are you a sports fan at all? 

Peter: I like hockey.

TH: I noticed on the website, there was a link to the football club IFK Goteburg.

Peter: Yeah that’s Daniels team.

TH: Are they any good?

Peter:  Yeah they won last year I think, and I think they’re doing pretty good this year. 

TH: Prediction time, how do you think Sweden is going to do in the next World Cup?

Peter: In?

TH: Soccer, football.

Björn: Do you think will make it to the World Cup?

Peter: You want me to be honest?

TH: You gonna shock the world?

Peter: If they make it to the World Cup, they will probably do good but their not gonna win.  IF they make it. 

TH: IF they make it.  Allright this is the most important question, who has the better pancakes, Sweden, or the United States?

Peter: Sweden.

TH: I agree.

Peter:  I don’t like the thick pancakes.

TH: I like those little thin ones.

Peter: Exactly, like the crepes. 

TH: I have some Swedish relatives and the foods always delicious.

Peter: That’s like my Sunday tradition, making pancakes for the family.

TH: So are you a good cook? 

Peter: Yeah of course.

TH: Awesome, so are the pancakes your favorite thing to make or what’s your favorite dish?

Peter: Oh no no no.  I don’t know.  I love to cook.  I don’t really have a favorite dish. 

TH:  Anything else you want to add, to the fans out there?

Peter: Thanks for sticking by us and hope to see you soon.

TH: Awesome.  Well ladies and gentlemen, Peter from In Flames, the New Orleans Showdown.  You can watch this entire interview at and good night America…..and is it Hej då?

Peter: Hej då!

TH: Hej då Sweden!  Thanks!

photos by Soraida/

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