New Orleans, Louisiana
September 27, 2009
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TH: Along with At The Gates and Dark Tranquility, you guys are really were the pioneers of the melodic death metal genre. How does it feel to know that you helped to start a new type of metal?

Peter: Weird, I guess.

TH: Weird?

Peter: Old. It makes me fell old. I don't know, we just listen to some really great music growing up and we try to combined that together with some other great music. you know, and it came out this way. And then people start saying its like the new type of music. and its, its pretty cool.

TH: And with At The Gates stopping in 1996, it kind of left you guys as like THE band in Gothenburg. What's the scene been like over the last decade?

Peter: Well, all these bands basically, you know, all the musicians kept on going in different constellations and everything. And some new bands moved into town and some new bands came up. Its been going pretty good, I mean, Sweden is pretty progressive in music in general, especially in metal I'd say, we're the biggest export. Even though we're so small, we're really big music export.

TH: are you guys close with the other bands in Gothenburg?

Peter: Yeah, I mean, we basically know everybody. I've know the Dark Tranquility since I was I guess 17 or something. I lived like a couple of hundred meters from some of the members so we hang out and barbeque and stuff.

TH: Well, a lot of the metal bands here in this city, New Orleans, have members that grew up with one another and have members that played in various bands, its like they swap members for projects. That compares to the Gothenburg scene then?

Peter: Yeah, absolutely. It hasn't been so much maybe the last couple of years but before that yeah definitely. I love the different the projects, some pop music projects with a couple of other guys.

TH: Cool. Well, speaking of other bands in Sweden, you guys had the music video for Trigger that you had the guys from Soilwork appear in the music video and you guys were in one of their music videos. How did that come about? Whose idea was that?

Peter: I don't remember whose idea it was but it was basically because people thought there was competition in between us. All the time you could hear like bashing and people thought we hated each other and stuff like that so we just decided to put an end to it. So we shot those videos in two days like simultaneously and it was a great time, good band, good friends. And we toured quiet a lot with them. Just for fun. for kicks.

TH: Whats the next up and coming metal band in Sweden? Anything we should all be watching out for?

Peter: I don't know, I really don't know. I mean, there's lots of good musicians but right now, I can't really think of something that's not known already. That's coming up. But I'm sure there'll be something cause everybody's playing music otherwise, its great. Music or sports.

TH: Great scene.

TH: With nine studio albums, you guys have really evolved a lot and developed your own unique style, the “Gothenburg Sound”. What was the biggest factor in developing this unique style?

Peter: I guess to stay out of… not to listen to anyone else but us.  That’s been out main concern all the time, just to do what we want to do, without nay input from managers or record companies.  We create music that we like, we would like to listen to it if someone else did it, that’s the way we always have done it, and the way we always will.  Whatever inspires us, inspires us and nobody should be able to come from the outside and say “you should do this, shoot to that” you know? Stay focused on what the five members of In Flames create. 

TH: What album are you most proud of?

Peter: I’m proud of all of them.  But right now the most fulfilling album for me is A Sense of Purpose.  I mean, we always try and top what we did before, try to be even better, and create something more and so far so good, you know?  Hopefully the next album, I’ll be even prouder of that one. 

TH: Well of course there are fans that like the old In Flames albums, and some people are going to be against trying new things, the newer sound, is there any pressure to play some of the old stuff live, to appease everybody?

Peter: Not pressure, but we try to do that…..

*Guitarist Björn Gelotte walks in from the back of the bus*

Peter: Halo!

Björn: *something in Swedish*

Peter: We try to mix it up as much as possible to make it more fun.  *laughs* I think we have to move the camera. 

TH: Yeah we have Björn cornered.

Björn: Sorry guys *moves camera forward* There we go.  You want both of you in there? 

TH: Yeah are we still in there?

Björn: Uh, sort of. 

TH: Well as long as we have Peter in there. 

Björn: Well if you guys get a little closer.

TH:  Its recording right now.

Björn: Oh it is?  Cool I’m a camera guy right now.  This might be the best angle ever. 

TH: Allright, guitarist and camera man. 

Peter: Yeah you know we try to first keep it interesting to us, if we come back all the time and play the same setlist, you know its not going to be fun.  You like all these songs, if I go to see a show with my favorite band I want them to mix it up a bit.  I want to hear the classics, but then again I like to hear the B sides as well.  I mean, we have nine albums so theres a lot of songs we try to, not cover all of them maybe, but we try to be as flexible as possible. 

TH: Is it very hard to come up with a setlist with so much material?

Peter: Its very hard to unite on one.  Cause we all have to be on the same page on that.

*Björn comes out and grabs a beer*

TH: What is your favorite city to play in, is there one in particular that stands out?

Peter: In the whole world?

TH: In the whole world.

Peter: I think I’d say Montreal.  Yeah its really cool.

TH: Montreal.  What makes that one stick out?

Peter: Theres a good mix out of all the countries, the territories.  The whole of Canada basically is.  Like you got the mosh pit from America, the passionate sing-a-long stuff from Southern Europe, its just great, you have to go there.

TH: I’ve never been to Montreal, I’ve been to Canada, had fun there but I guess that’s next for me.

Peter: Yeah.

TH: Well when you guys aren’t playing music what do you like to do?

Peter: I just like to you know, relax.  I like to spend time with the family, friends, barbeque, go to the gym, drink beer.  Whatever, you know?  I like fishing. 

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