New Orleans, Louisiana
September 27, 2009
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On September 27th 2009, In Flames preformed at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana and TH was there to ask a few questions. Nole'Core was able to discuss the latest tour, how A Sense of Purpose is doing, and Swedish pancakes with bassist Peter Iwers. Currently their latest album A Sense of Purpose is on sale at Check out the bands official website and fan site

TYRONEHOOD: Allright I’m here with Peter from In Flames out of Gothenburg, Sweden, before their show tonight at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana.  So how are you enjoying New Orleans so far?

Peter Iwers: Ahh, I love this city, a lot of things always going on. We just took a stroll down Bourbon Street, listened to some good music, had a frozen daiquiri, whatever its called…

TH: One Ninety Octanes.

Peter: Yeah.

TH: This is you guys first time back here since 2006, been a couple of years, and we’re glad you guys came back.

TH: You guys have actually been on the road for this tour since April 2008 and played just a ton of shows. So how are you guys holding up over this long tour you guys have been on?

Peter: We have to make ourselves busy each day, I guess, you know? Like if its a place like this we go out and watch the scenry or sometimes we go golfing, we go shopping. Whatever, just do something to get out of the venue to get a normal life for a little while. And then obvisously, the shows have been great, you know, the audiences have been awesome, so that makes up for a lot of time away from home.

TH: So the crowds have been great on this tour so far?

Peter: Yeah, oh yeah.

TH: Awesome. Well, by now a lot of fans have the new record. How has the reception been to the new songs you guys have been playing?

Peter: Real good. Its been real good. I mean theres always going to be critics, I guess. But mostly good. We're really happy with it and wouldn't do it any other way.

TH: A lot of the people singing along to the new stuff in the crowd and everything?

Peter: Yeah, yeah.

TH: Awesome man.

*lead singer Anders Fridén walks onto bus*

TH: And there's Anders.

Anders Fridén: And there goes Anders.

TH: This tour had you guys go to South America for the first time ever. What was that experience like?

Peter: Fantastic. I mean, unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time to stay in each country, each city, you know. We were basically flying in and out. I think the shortest one was Brazil. We flew in the morning and we flew out in the evening or something like that. But the shows were great.

TH: Awesome, yeah, I'm sure there was a lot of fans that have been waiting a long to see In Flames.

Peter: Yeah, they've been waiting a long time. We've been on our way for several years but we were never able to go. It was like some promoter cancelled or whatever happened, you know? So we were really stoked we actually got to go.

TH: Awesome. After these last US dates, you guys are going back to Europe, you're going to do the Taste of Chaos tour with Killswitch Engage and do some shows. What are you guys' plans after this tour?

Peter: Then, we'll be done just before Christmas. Then we're going to start doing some stuff in January. I can't really say what we're doing yet. It's something pretty cool. Then we'll probably take a little break, start writing new music, make a new record. In about a year, we'll start doing that and we're going to have next spring and summer off to be with our families to just hang out. Catch up on reality again.

TH: Well it looks like, not only on this tour of the US, but on previous tour of the US, you guys have played almost every town imaginable. Is that like your motto "any time, any where." Do you guys like playing shows kind of off the beaten path?

Peter: We want to be, like you just said, we want to be everywhere, you know? Sometimes it doesn't sound that exciting when you're going to be in a city that's literally in the middle of nowhere. But like I said, the crowds have been great. They make up for any lost time. We have a good time playing anywhere. There hasn't been any city on this tour that sucked. Everything's been good.

TH: Great. Well, Jesper is not on this tour with you guys, while he takes care of some personal issues. When was the last time you spoke to him and how is he doing?

Peter: I spoke to him about a week ago. he seems to be doing well. Trying to get himself back on track and work on the stuff he needs to, you know, his personal issues. He needs to work on some stuff and he's doing that really good, so I'm happy for him. So he will be back. I know a lot of people don't think so but he will be back when he's ready.

TH: So, its on his time table?

Peter: Yeah, definitely.

TH: Great. Well, his replacement, Niclas, was formerly in the band before Björn switched to guitars. What’s it like having him back on tour with you guys?

Peter: It’s great, I mean, he has so much more energy than all of us out together so its very inspiring being on stage when he's doing all these moves and its fun. I love playing with him. He's a great guy, good friend. He's in a great band called Engel. Everybody should check out, it’s fantastic.

TH: Nice. And its got to be great having someone you guys all know and have worked with before.

Peter: Yeah. He was like the first person we called when this thing with Jesper happened. It was like, it was him or no body, I'd say. So, it worked out well.

TH: You guys won a Swedish Grammy for A Sense of Purpose, what was that experience like?

Peter: Good. Great! I really don’t like competition in music, because you can’t, there’s a jury, but this time it was the peoples votes, then its really cool.  People can call in or email or whatever to vote, its more of feels better when the whole population is involved.  It was good times, we feel really honored, this was our third time wining that award, three consistent records, that’s really good.

TH: You won in 2005 and 2007 for those two records, did this one said it meant a little more because the fans were able to participate?

Peter: I think there were there the other times, obviously you get nominated in this stuff sometimes and that, I think, is the big thing though.  For me to be nominated, everyone is winners basically.  And on top of that, you go up and win, that’s great.  I cant really describe it.  You know, it sucks when you don’t win, but when you win…its awesome. 

TH:  Great.  This last time, when they had the awards ceremony you guys performed Alias with Timo Räisänen, doing the acoustic intro to Alias, how much practice went into that, and whos idea was it?

Peter: I cant remember whos idea it was, maybe it was Anders idea, I’m not sure.  We really didn’t practice anything at all.  We just went up there, we had him in a couple of rehearsals during that day, but we really didn’t rehearse it before that.  He’s a really, really good musician and a good guitar player so he just went up and blew us away and we had played the song a couple times before.
*both laugh*

TH: With the last record, A Sense of Purpose has sold over 300,000 records so far, how has the album done in your eyes, are you pleased with it?

Peter: Yeah I very pleased.  I never really focus on that.  The albums done, were out supporting it, and we’ll keep on doing that till we get the next record done, and then I’ll look at it the same way.  Its great its selling in days like these when downloading is so big, but I don’t really focus on it. 

TH: Are there any tracks of the record that really stand out as your personal favorite?

Peter: There are.  I really like the song Drenched In Fear.  Hopefully we get to play that one day. 

TH: Awesome, yeah I love that song.

Peter: This record was really cool, we wrote 16 songs for it, all of them were so good, and we had to cut four out, it was so hard because all of them fit in on the record.  I really didn’t have any favorites, they were all great.  I mean in the past, it was yeah you have some good songs, some songs that you feel more for, but this time it was all over.  One hundred percent. 

TH: Speaking of those songs that didn’t make it onto the record, like Eraser, you guys have actually played that song live, I saw you guys in Seattle in 2008 and you guys played the song, I was with people that were shocked, they were like “it didn’t make it onto the record but they still played it live”, it was really neat for the fans. 

Peter: Yeah! Like I said, all these songs were (good), if we would have been able to make the record longer, so 16 songs could fit, all of them could be there easily.  But it would be too long.

TH: The first single off the record was the Mirrors Truth, and you guys made a music video for it, what was the deciding factor to make that be the first single, and to make a music video for it?

Peter: We took a vote.  I guess it was three to two or something like that.  We just took a vote and that was the number one song that we felt that symbolized the entire sound of the record.  It’s a great song and it has a melody and everything. 

TH: Definitely. 

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