Baltimore, Maryland
October 23, 2009
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TH: It was, yeah it was a Monday night
Ben: But I don’t, I don’t even care, man. I’mma still play, ya know, still enjoy it. I mean, 20 people there, its, its like I can’t disrespect them because there’s so few people over an audience that’s fully packed. So you still gotta play and have a good time and show those, whatever, [indistinguishable] 30 people at a show, ya know, [indistinguishable]. And it happens. Its funny, when you’re a band and you watch, you watch somebody’s DVDs that band’s put out about touring and its like “we’re in like, New York City tonight!” and its crowded and shit, and the next one’s like “we’re in Atlanta tonight!” but they don’t show you the clips [of the] in-between towns where its not four or five hundred plus people, ya know, when it is like 100 or below...and you know and, and you get this idea that the band is huger than they are...and then you go out on tour and you see the situation and you see the band you saw the DVD [of, and], you know, you’re touring with them and you’re like “damn! They a’int [indistinguishable]!”
TH: [Laughs]


Ben: Ya know? And when you play in a band you realize that its like...sometimes its like, there’s this illusion created about the whole thing’re not always gonna have fuckin’ top[notch], solid shows
TH: That’s what impressed me so much [about Goatwhore], you really couldn’t tell that there was only 20 people, you guys brung it like it was a sold-out crowd like tonight.
Ben: Yeah, I mean you gotta...
TH: [It was] intense.

Ben:  I mean, dude you’re there [to] play it, ya know? Why, why be like “oh! Well, there’s not enough people here tonight!” so. Its, it doesn’t matter how many people [are] there. You’re there to play music, you wanted to play music and that’s what you enjoy doing so get up there and do it, ya know? Do it and, I mean those 20 people, you put on a good show they’re gonna be like “wow! They played an awesome show!” ya know? You get 20 people in there and you fuckin’ play like shit and you’re just like “whatever, tough shit” and then [the crowd’s] like “wow, these band’s are a bunch of fucking assholes. Ah! I’m going to talk about them on the internet. Yeah, they fuckin’ did this because it was only 20 people,” ya know? To me, in a band it doesn’t matter how many people [there are]. Don’t make that excuse, still go up there and have a good time. That’s why you got in a band, you know? Whatever, take it as a night you’re practicing...throw some songs in there, [indistinguishable], it might be a little rough but [indistinguishable], no big deal. The people would enjoy it because [you’re playing] some other stuff and some different things [indistinguishable].

TH: Well we mentioned you guys, Skeletonwitch opened for you guys that tour, you guys are going to Europe with them soon, how excited are you [about that]?
Ben: I’m totally excited. I mean, we’re just gonna be Toxic Holocaust, us, and Skeletonwitch...and for one its always cool when you’re in Europe and you’re with other American bands because of language barriers and stuff like that, ya know, it could be a little weird at times but, I mean, us and Skeletonwitch and Toxic Holocaust all three of us get along really fuckin’ well so...I’m really excited about the tour, man, I think its gonna be great

ITH: Awesome. Well before you guys go off and do that, you play next weekend Halloween night, House of Shock, New Orleans, Louisiana. Nothin’ more metal than Goatwhore playing at a haunted house.
Ben: Haha
TH: How excited are you for that one?
Ben: That’s pretty cool too, man! Its kinda, its like something where we do, like...I don’t have all the details yet but we’re doing like, three thirty minute sets or something, like...have you ever been to House of Shock?
TH: Oh yeah, I was there last weekend
Ben: You know how they do, like, they do that like that show
TH: Uh huh
Ben: And then they let people go into the house, its like, its like this big dramatized thing with...
TH: coming out
Ben: Yeah, fire, they got pyrotechnics and stuff, and then they let all the people go in and then, what its gonna be on Halloween night is they have that show and then fifteen minutes after that show that whole line that your in
TH: mmhmm

Ben: ...and then a band plays....and then an hour and a half later they do that, that show thing again and then...its like thirty minutes or whatever
TH: Awesome
Ben: So, its cool, we get to hang out in a haunted house and everything, so. I mean, we actually did, like, a photoshoot there for uh, the new record.
TH: That’s cool
Ben: Its gonna, its gonna be fun
TH: Awesome man well we will be... I’ll be looking damn forward to that. So...
Ben: Yeah
TH: Thanks for tellin’, uh, takin’ the time to talk to us. Is there anything else you want to say to your fans out there?

Ben: If you download stuff, just at least go to the show, buy a shirt or something. I don’t, I don’t really care if you’re downloading shit. Its inevitable, its something you can’t control, and its so funny because the bigger bands complain about it the most when they’re still doing [indistinguishable]. The bands on this level, the majority of us are like just do it, at least come to the show. Give a band, you know go to the show if you don’t have enough money to buy a shirt at least give ‘em two bucks, ya know. If like, ten people each give the band two dollars that’s twenty dollars they put in their gas tank, ya know.
TH: [indistinguishable]
Ben: I kind of push it sometimes actually.
Ben: I’m like whatever, [if you want the] CD, download it. Buy something, [a] sticker, a patch, shirt, a CD. Maybe.
TH: There you go. You can watch this entire interview on THTV.

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