Baltimore, Maryland
October 23, 2009
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Tyronehood was lucky enough to snag GOATWHORE's Ben Falgoust away from selling the bands merchandise, one of his seemingly never ending responsibilites, to do an interview after his show in Baltimore. Chris was able to discuss with Ben how he pulls off his hectic schedule, how Goatwhore brings hell on stage every night no matter what the crowd is like, and the bands plans for Europe in this exclusive TH interview.

Tyronehood: Alright, we’re here with Ben from Goatwhore after his show in Baltimore, Maryland tonight at the Ottobar. Uh, Ben you guys killed it! How was the show in your eyes?

Ben Falgoust: It was awesome, I had a damn good time.
TH: Nice
Ben: It was pretty...the show...these next three shows are [indistinguishable] I mean, of course, we got Eyehategod and [indistinguishable] and Battleground’s gonna be there so that’s awesome and just [indistinguishable].  We’re definitely gonna be playing in front of a lot of people in New York City [indistinguishable]
TH: [indistinguishable]
Ben: Yeah but it was, ya know, the whole show was really good, the response was [indistinguishable]

TH: [indistinguishable] Um, between Goatwhore, Soilent Green, and your new band Suicidal, how do you have the time to do this, [you] seem to be touring nonstop with Soilent and Goatwhore, a show every other week it seems
Ben: I just, I lose my mind basically, actually. So, I mean I work a job [indistinguishable] too so, to help pay for things and [laughs]. Yes, I hate to break it to everyone: you don’t make enough money [indistinguishable] the rest of our life, but...yeah so I work a job too so that’s also [indistinguishable] as well but...I mean, I, I just, I don’t know, its hard to explain, man. Its almost like, sometimes I just don’t think about it and I just do it
TH: Uh huh
Ben:  I just do the stuff, I just try to fit in time. Sometimes schedules get really fuckin’ tight, I’ll work from, 8 in the morning ‘til 5 in the evening and then I have to go [to] one practice and then another practice, ya know, and  then come home and try to sort things out and wake up again the next day [indistinguishable]. I mean, at one point I just, I don’t even bother to, like, push [indistinguishable]. It gets tiring at times, you just, I mean we’re all human so, especially when you do a lot of things [indistinguishable]. Overall, I think too what kind of helps it is, like when you do get a...when you go out on the road and basically [indistinguishable] everyday stuff [indistinguishable] relax, have a good time, and do what you like to do. And then the thing with Soilent Green was, they’re two totally separate entitie, ya know, and [indistinguishable] and everything
TH: Uh huh
Ben: so, its almost, like, refreshing to jump from one to the other, its not like “oh, here you are. Come out, good luck with this one band and [indistinguishable].” Its really different, like, vocally, lyrically, and all that kind of stuff too which...the variance helps it, and it keeps it fresh, ya know

TH: There’s a different mentality that goes [into Soilent Green and Goatwhore]...
Ben:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely.
TH: Does that go with the writing process as well?
Ben: Yeah! Well I mean, I mean you can clearly pick it out. I mean Goatwhore’s the evil fuckin’, ya know, tight fuckin’ oldschool metal and Soilent Green is just fuckin’ whacked out shit, ya know? Fuckin’ never repeating, always fuckin’ changing parts and shit like that so...I mean Soilent is a little more complex, ya know, but if offers a difference there, ya know? Goatwhore gives me one angle and [indistinguishable] keeps the cycle [indistinguishable] new kind of thing, ya know? Even though...its funny because its like, I can be on tour with, with, with uh with, with Goatwhore for like, a year [and I’ll] do a couple of shows with Soilent Green and it feels like its brand new even though its songs I haven’t played in fifteen years, ya know. [indistinguishable] it just, it makes it feel good because I hadn’t done it. Its like the same thing when I go from Soilent back to back to Goatwhore too, I’ll play some of the older songs [and I think] “wow, man, I owned! We haven’t played so many songs in so long they feel, they feel new.” So, that’s...I, I think that kind of adds  to the whole inspiration, ya know, motivation as well.

TH: Speaking of new, the new Goatwhore record, Carving Out the Eyes of God, which is fuckin’ awesome, how is it doing in your eyes [and] are you satisfied with the record?
Ben: Uh, I guess its not, I mean I’ve kind of come to a point where I don’t really follow what, what the record does anymore, ya know? I just kind of like, I kind of throw all my shit into the bag and I’m like look, I’m  going through and having a good time, playing the shows, having a good time onstage, ya know, and just...hopefully everyone else will have a good time and it’ll just be like a little get together and...I won’t really bother with it. I mean, I, I will say that I’m really happy with how this record came out, I think everyone in the band’s really happy, just overall. I mean, we’re striving for a lot of things, especially like, gettin’ sick guitar tones, [indistinguishable], and everything came out, you know, a lot like we wanted. I mean its not, everythings not, always perfect because you do every little [indistinguishable] overall [indistinguishable], cuz all kinds of bands are always saying that “oh, well our new one is gonna be this!” And its not that, its just that going into the studio, it felt the most comfortable. I mean, if you know the history of the band we’ve had our cycles of ups and downs and things going on and shifting members and things that went on during [indistinguishable] hurricane [indistinguishable]  and things like that, and this time we didn’t have anything like that.  And we prepared really hard before we began, so we went in and made like the process a little easier before we got to the studio, so it made it comfortable and fun [to record].

TH: You said in a recent interview about this last record, Carving Out the Eyes of God, that it was light on the black [and] heavy on the metal. Is that something...
Ben: Well actually, I have to say that’s Sammy’s quote.
TH: Uh huh
Ben: When we’re sitting down talking about things and working on new stuff, he said that “ya know, I think on this record we could be lighter on the black [indistinguishable]”

TH: Uh huh
Ben: I mean, when I’m saying heavy, ya know, when we’re saying heavy on the metal, we mean like traditional ways of like, Judas Priest, ya know, Maiden, Venom, Celtic Frost, Motorhead, where they had the Rock and Roll still in the metal. It was like, the evolution of what metal became from Rock and Roll in a sense, ya know? They still had that root of like, like a hook, or a riff, ya know that’s kind of just...its not anything technical but its driven, it just grabs you and pulls you in.

TH: Awesome. You guys recently switched bassists. How was the transition [indistinguishable].
Ben: Its been, I think, I think [indistinguishable] [at] one point, ya know, and I’m sure a lot of bands can agree with this, cuz you see it happen with a lot of bands nowadays, ya know? Its just, there comes a point when a certain member’s just not working out, a certain member doesn’t like the touring thing and, and you have to move. Ya know? I remember when I first ever experienced it, ya know, in a band. It was kind of weird because it felt like somebody’s’re getting rid of the [indistinguishable] you’ve been with so long, and I think as you go down [indistinguishable] you realize that sometimes you have to make that shift because there’s a person or someone in the band that’s just not...they might not be getting along with other members or they might not be enjoying it so they’re making the situation eternal, and so you have to move that out of the way to keep the whole thing moving forward, ya know? I know, sometimes it might sound, uh like, kind of desensitized in a way, like “oh we’ll just keep throwing them out of the way,” but you, ya know, you go through that stage, then again, where you do feel like you lost like, [indistinguishable]. Because I mean, dude, you’re in a band together with these dudes for months, you know? And you, you, you have that kind of connection. Almost like five, four or five girlfriends, you know? That’s what its like, its like a relationship with that many people; and, its, its just one of these thing where you learn to like, deal with it.   You go, “this thing is disturbing the structure of the band and how the band needs to move and we need to do something about it,” you know? I’m sure many bands feel the same way and [they would] explain it the same way. It just, it comes a point where, whatever. A member leaves, cuz he doesn’t like [indistinguishable] get rid of because of his...ya know, because of maybe its negativity in the band or [they’re] not enjoying what’s going on with the band or the direction the band’s going in, so...

TH: Let’s talk about your new project, Suicide War. What exactly is it and what can fans expect from that band?
Ben: I can’t...I can’t really explain much about it, man. Its kind of...well I got a call, my friend Frey plays guitar [in it]. He has a band called Valume Nob...
TH: Uh huh
Ben: Its like Kirk from Crowbar playing bass
TH: Yeah
Ben: He was playing guitar. Well it kind of broke up and then he started this new one, its him and [the] old drummer from Crowbar, Craig Nunenmacher, and this guy Sammy who plays bass in it...and he called me and asked me if I’d do the vocals for it. It wasn’t anything like, ya know “hey! Lets do this new band [and we’ll] tour and everything [indistinguishable].” Its just a thing they recorded, [indistinguishable].

TH: Uh huh
Ben: So, it was just like “no big deal!” ya know, “no rush. When you can get home and do it, ya know, we can do the vocals and everything on it,” so. I had some songs, [I’ve been] listening to it and its, its kind of like...some of it reminds me of like, early Crowbar but mixed with some other things, so its kind of like, interesting. I’m kinda, I’m actually kind of stumped, like, vocally, what I’m goin’ to do, ya know? But I’ve been goin’ over the songs and everything and getting ideas and putting it in place, so. Its do I put it...its not really like, that urgent of a thing but we want to get it recorded and see what happens.
TH: Awesome well we’ll be waiting for that. I saw you over the summer in Tallahassee, Florida when you guys opened for...Skeletonwitch opened for you guys, uh, there really probably wasn’t even 20 people in the crowd and then tonight’s show slammed back, rocking crowd
Ben: Yeah, you know, you have that when you tour, you got shows that are really good and then some Cities you get two and...



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