Baltimore, Maryland
October 23, 2009
Dark Lord Day 2012
Fat City
Mardi Gras 2011
Maryland Deathfest VIII
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IX [to Joey]: Well I didn’t do shit

Jimmy: Its always fun to play, man

Joey [to IX]: Well I gotta find it, get up

IX [to Joey]:  well what you want me to do about it?

Jimmy: Whether it be Voodoo or House of Blues or whatever

Joey [to IX]: Get the fuck up, get outta my face
[someone]: C’mon, bitch [indistinguishable]

TH: This is a pretty diverse...

Joey: Jimmy! Get up!

IX: [indistinguishable] my old age
[Everybody stands up]

Joey: We got a lost (?)
[someone]: We got a lost (?)

TH: ...all the way from KISS to Eminem, what do you think about being such a diverse lineup?

Jimmy: I think its cool.

Jimmy: I think it’s the way it should be, ya know? Why have all the same bands, ya know? Its like having diverse bands...

IX: AYYYYYY [we] got it!
[someone]: OOOOOOHHHH

Jimmy...talking about diverse shit, I think its mind-opening.
[Joey and IX sit back down, Jimmy and TH remain standing]

TH: Well is there anything else you’re working on that maybe people don’t know about?

Jimmy: [There’s a] solo record.


Jimmy: And, uh, I hope to release that in 2010. Um, new Eyehategod. That’s about it for right now.

TH: Awesome

Jimmy: And new Down after the first (?) year

TH: Great, good to hear. And our last question: how bout those New Orleans Saints? Undefeated...

Jimmy: 5 and 0 BITCH!

TH: Yeah!

Jimmy: What you got to say?

TH: Hahaha, predicting superbowl? Let me get a prediction out of you guys

Jimmy: I...

Joey: Saints vs. Eyehategod

Jimmy: Saints vs. the Patriots

TH: Alright. Eyehategod will be the halftime show.

Jimmy: Unless we don’t have any injuries.

IX: I’mma call it right now: Saints vs. the Eagles

Joey: I’m going to call it right now: when the game’s on I’m gonna be getting loaded and not watching it.

Jimmy [to TH] Why do you act like you don’t know me when you interview me? I’ve known you for like, 10 years.

TH: I know, it was kind of awkward.

Joey: I’m going to call it right now: when the Saints [are] in the Superbowl I’m not gonna be watching it I’m gonna be getting loaded
[someone]: Saints / Eagles! I like that!

IX: See?

Jimmy: We already beat the Eagles, dog.
[someone]: That’s fine, that’s fine.

Jimmy: We already...we already smoked the Eagles, burnt the Eagles out
[someone]: That’s fine

TH: Beat they ass

Jimmy: Huh?

TH: A’ight. Well, thanks for taking the time with us. Eyehategod and...

Jimmy: You should get quotes from Mike and Joey now

TH [to Mike and Joey]: What do you got to say to your fans out there?

Joey: To my family?

TH: Your fans

Joey: Fans! Oh, to my fans? Um...

IX: Um
[someone]: Heeeeey

Joey: Keep on keepin’ on
[someone]: Hello!

Joey: Hello! Hello, we the 504 boooys, hello

Jimmy: Gary’s the new boy in the band, you should ask him some questions

TH: We sat down with him the last time we were in New Orleans

Gary: Yeah!

Jimmy: Oh you did?

Gary: I’m nine years new [lights cigarette]

TH: Haha

Joey: Chopper city boys

Gary: You can count on this: after our next record comes out, I’ll be out the band

IX: That’s chopper city Gary!

Joey [laughing]: Chopper city Gary...

IX: Chopper city Gary

Jimmy: We’re trying to get Mark Schultz back
[someone]: [indistinguishable] magnolia!

Jimmy: [indistinguishable] the original Magnolia Slim

Joey: Mid City [indistinguishable]
[someone]: The original Mid-City Slim

Joey: Shouting out to the Mid City Group
[someone]: [indistinguishable] City Bastards...Gary City Bastards

TH: And thus ends the greatest interview anyone has ever seen…

Jimmy: That interview sucked.

TH: Yeah, yeah. My boy Jimmy Bower. signing off. Later, you’ll see this interview on Peace.

photos by Charnelle 'Bryn' Stöhrer

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