Baltimore, Maryland
October 23, 2009
Dark Lord Day 2012
Fat City
Mardi Gras 2011
Maryland Deathfest VIII
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TH: Well after this tour with Eyehategod ends, doin’ a few shows in New Orleans, what are your plans?

Jimmy: We’re actually going to the West coast, we’re doing Seattle,
[someone yawns very loud off camera]

Jimmy [to Gary]: What are we doing, Gary? Seattle, what?

Gary Mader [with a full mouth]: Seattle, Portland, and Denver

Jimmy: Seattle, Portland, and Denver, and then um, I think we’re doing
[someone]: Roadburn

Jimmy: Roadburn, and possibly  a little two week tour after that. We’re still in negotiations with that.
[someone]: Europe, and then Europe.

Jimmy: Yeah we’re, we’re, we’re definitely going to Europe. Cuz we haven’t been there in a long time as well, so

TH: [With] so much time off between Eyehategod shows, you’re drumming for Down, is it hard to get back into the swing of things for Eyehategod or is it just automatic once you step on the stage?

Jimmy: Nah, I...

Joey [yelling]: Nigger’s gotta relearn...he’s gotta learn, he’s gotta relearn how to slum it a little bit when he gets off the jam bus!

[Jimmy talking, Joey talking over Jimmy]: Get back in the band...get back in the band...set his own shit up.
[someone in the background]: man y’all fuckin’, y’all are awesome

Jimmy [pointing to IX]: He talks bad about me


Jimmy [pointing to Joey]: He’s got...he’s my friend


Joey: Yeeeeeah, bro [Joey and Jimmy reach over IX to bump hands]

IX: [exasperated shrugging, indistinguishable]

Joey [to IX]: Nigger I’m his friend

IX: oooook, Ok great. Yeah, I haven’t seen him fuck with me

Joey: No, because you talk shit

IX: I don’t talk...

Joey: [laughs]

[IX: exasperated shrugging again]

Jimmy: [laughs]

IX: Y’all hatin’ [indistinguishable]

TH: You guys are planning on rereleasing The Confederacy of Ruined Lives record on vinyl...

Jimmy: Yeah, we did tonight. We had [them available] tonight

[Joey and IX arguing] IX: I’m serious, you always...

TH: [indistinguishable] read online that it got pushed back, it all worked out?

Jimmy: Yeah [indistinguishable] making sure everything went right. [indistinguishable].

IX: Fag [indistinguishable]

Jimmy: It seems to go with the history of the band
[someone]: ...faggot
[someone]: fag river
[someone]: fag river band
[joey and IX laughing]

TH: ...that’s gotta do it. Well the last few years you did some bass and producing for My Uncle The Wolf-
[someone]: fag river

IX: fag river

TH: what was that experience like?

Jimmy: It was fun, good learning experience. And uh, uh, I dunno, I think the record turned out alright.

TH: Mmhmm

Jimmy: I don’t talk to them now.

IX. [Yawms] I hate doing albums. I don’t wanna ever do another record.

TH: What about Clearlight?

IX [to no one]: I’m sick of music, I don’t care

Jimmy: Talk to Joey, what about Clearlight?

Joey: [indistinguishable] talking to me about [it]. I’ll do anything.

[someone]: see? See what I’m saying?

Joey: Sammy Duet

Jimmy: We wanna do Clearette...Clearlight.
[IX hawks and spits]

TH: You got any plans on rereleasing [some old stuff]

Jimmy: We’re rereleasing the old record on Housecore.

TH: Awesome. Well, we saw Hank III on his last tour and he went on record saying that Superjoint Ritual would be back someday. What do you guys say about that?

Jimmy: He said that?

TH: He said that. On camera.

Jimmy: [pauses, shrugs] I’m evidently not in it.


Joey: [laughter towards Jimmy]

TH: Well, you’re playing Voodoofest next week...

Joey [singing over TH]: Superjoint leave, Superjoint came back AYYYYY


TH: [you’re playing Voodoofest in] New Orleans, what’s [it going to be like] going back to your home[town]crowd at Voodoofest.
[someone]: AYYYYY
[Someone off-camera throws something at Joey which lands behind the couch]


Jimmy: Yeah, yeah, no man Voodoofest is gonna be fun man. Its like, um...

Joey [to someone]: you are a STUPID motherfucker

Jimmy: ...that’s uh, that’s this Saturday coming up

TH: Halloween

Jimmy: And uh, yeah it should be a good time man

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