Baltimore, Maryland
October 23, 2009
Dark Lord Day 2012
Fat City
Mardi Gras 2011
Maryland Deathfest VIII
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14 years have passed since a New Orleans studio-owner nearly evicted Eyehategod from their recording studio midsession, asking the band’s label whether these so-called “Godfathers of Sludge” were sane. A blind man could see that these fourteen years have done nothing to quell the chaos surrounding the South’s arguably most chaotic sons.

After repeated attempts by security to throw us back out into the Baltimore streets, Jimmy Bower intervened and invited us backstage for our interview. Exiting stage right and summiting the narrow, winding staircase, we came to the band’s newest temporary residence, and the scene was just as frenetic as recording sessions past (minus graffiti scrawled in blood). In a half-painted, dimly lit room, dripping with spit and awash with the echoing ambience of Johnny Cash’s “At Folsom Prison” album, we found these modern-day outlaws holed-up.

The scene might as well have been a Dallas ER after the Kennedy assassination, with wild-eyed photographers, hyperactive fans, bearded roadies, and otherwise shady and unknown characters coming and going as if it were a Tokyo subway station. Singer Mike IX Williams sat slumped in the room’s lone couch, flanked by guitarist Jimmy Bower (our interviewee) and drummer Joey “buy an 8-ball with your FEMA money” LaCaze. Across the room sat bassist Gary Mader ; guitarist Brian Patton was nowhere to be found. For any other band this setting would be a party, but there was an unmistakable, stagnant hostility in the air. The band drifted between apathetic aggravation and fleeting moments of lucid insight, often shouted through mouthfuls of the room’s axial pizza, which minutes earlier had been the subject of one of Mike IX’s withdrawal-induced breakdowns (“where’s my pizza?! What did the guy look like who took it?!”).

Everyone who took part in the interview was quick to agree it was a disaster, however if the eight minutes of proverbial slag we recorded is any indication of where the band’s headed, it tells us more than any golden nugget of an answer ever could. Eyehategod is still Eyehategod, hateful, untamed, and unpredictable. Therefore, proudly presents Eyehategod, in their unedited and unholy entirety.


-Jack the Ripper,

Michael IX Williams [Singing]: Ford Taurus leave, everybody came back AYYYY

IX & Joey LaCaze [Singing]: Hope dem boys didn’t find my sack

Jimmy Bower [Pointing to IX]: [Did you] record that?

IX [Singing]: Every time I do it I do it for my [pauses] HOOD, every time I do it I do it for yo [pauses] HOOD

Tyronehood: Eyehategod style

IX: Every time its gooood, I do it for the hooood

TH [to Jimmy]: Ready to roll man?

Jimmy: Yeah, I’m ready

TH: Alright, dude

Joey [Singing]: Everybody on the block got the same agenda

TH: Well we’re here with Jimmy Bower, after his show in Baltimore, Maryland.

Joey [Singing]: Hustle from the first to the end of December

TH: The show was awesome, how was Baltimore?

Jimmy: Awesome. Baltimore is the first place

[Someone]: AYYYY

Jimmy [to IX and Joey]: Isn’t Baltimore the first place we played in the US?

Joey [Singing]: Posted on a corner like a light...

Jimmy: [indistinguishable question]

[someone]: Yeah

Joey: Yeah, Rev’s Tavern

Jimmy: At the Rev Tavern

Jimmy: And uh, that was a long...that was ‘93

TH: Damn

Jimmy: And uh, yeah Baltimore is always cool but weird

TH: Awesome, man

Jimmy: If that makes sense

Jimmy [to IX]: Wouldn’t you agree?

IX: I agree

Jimmy: Its always a little weird

IX: It is always a little weird to play

Jimmy: Yeah, they don’t get too violent here

TH: Yeah, yeah

Jimmy: Everybody kind of just stands there. They just kind of, you know [looks up]
Jimmy: Grunge, man, grunge

IX: Seems like when we played the last time they were crazier

[someone offscreen]: Grunge and Modest Mouse

Jimmy: Huh?

[same person offscreen]: They love Modest Mouse here

Jimmy: Modest Mouse

[photographer enters, background chatter]

Jimmy: Go for it, bro

TH: You recently had some time off from the last Down tour
[someone 1] What?
[someone 2] Interview
[Someone 1] Inter- oh

TH: you’ve been in New Orleans, on vacations. How’s it been. What’ve you been up to?

Jimmy: I’ve been doing work around the house

TH: Alright

Jimmy: I’ve been uh, practicing with Eyehategod, and uh, lookin’ to write a new record with Eyehategod.

TH: Awesome.

Jimmy: That’s my main focus. Other than that, my mom’s too old to walk up the stairs, so

IX: [indistinguishable]

Jimmy: she has to have a shower downstairs, so sucks to be me.

IX [to Jimmy]: You bathe her?

TH: Alright
[Someone]: I gotta (fiddle?)

Jimmy [to IX]: Huh?

IX: Do you ever bathe her?
[someone burps, Joey laughs]

Joey(?): Where’s my straw?

Jimmy: I wanna bathe my mom.

Joey(?): I got that (?) good I’m here


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