Tallahassee, Florida
October 1, 2009
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Chris (Nole’Core) interviewed Linus Jägerskog and Jonas Rydberg of Burst, of Gothenburg, Sweden, after their show in Tallahassee, Florida on October 1st, 2009.  The band discussed their first tour ever of the US, mechanical problems, and the decision to take a long break after they return to Sweden.

TYRONEHOOD: I’m here with Linus and Jonas from Burst after their show in Tallahassee, Florida, home of the Florida State Seminoles.  Guys, not a lot of people, but you guys wrecked shop in there, good show.  How has the tour been so far?

Linus Jägerskog: It has been…up and down. 

TH: Where would tonight rank?

Linus: This was the rock bottom. 

TH: Rock bottom! 


TH: Tallahassee, you failed us!

Jonas Rydberg: We had a good time, but as far as people turning out, stuff like that sucked, but were all playing together so, it was beauty. 

TH: Well this is you guys first and last tour of the United States, how has it been, you said its had its ups and downs, what is it like to play the United States finally?

Jonas: I mean overall, its been killer.  Whether its twenty people at the shows or five hundred, its pretty much been everyone that sees us, appreciates us.  The responses have been awesome.  I have only been to New York, so seeing your country has been awesome.

TH: Yeah that’s a plus, you get to travel.  You guys had some mechanical problems, what happened?

Linus: Oh yeah….first we drove the Motley Crue bus, and that just broke down.  We tried to sort that out, took a couple days, nothing happened.  So, we got the Kenny Rogers bus, and that one broke down as well, but we got that fixed in a couple days, we had chance to do a few shows, and we think its up and running now.

Jonas: yeah.  The past two weeks have been killer.  The first three days were just completely fucked up, but now its been good.

TH:  This is going to be your last tour, was it important to let everyone know before hand, that this is their last opportunity, don’t blow it?

Jonas: Yeah sort of.  We decided this summer that we were gonna take a break, whatever that is, but we decided since we had never come to America, we needed to do that.

TH: Before you guys headed over here, you played the No Budget Festival in Greece, how was that?

Jonas: Greece is always good man.

Linus: Oh yeah,  that was the fourth time we played Greece, I don’t know what is up with those guys, it is always extremely nice time there, they are really into it.

Jonas: *raises hands in the air* THE FOOD!!!

Linus: Its not like going to a Greek restaurant over here, the usual restaurant in Greece –

*some idiot points out a Greek restaurant across the street*

TH: Hey man were doing an interview here.

TH: How have these last tours been in general, its your last time playing together, at least for a while, are you taking it all in? How has that been, has it hit you yet?

Jonas: I don’t know man, right now it feels like were just on tour.  But since its our first time in America, its sort of like turning the clock back five, ten years, because doing shows like this is what we did in Europe five years ago.  Were kind of, I wont say big, but we do good shows in Europe.  So its different, but like I said its what we’ve always been doing.  Its just business as usual.

TH: Is there any plans to do any shows when you guys get back to Sweden?

Jonas: There is one show, THE farewell show in Gothenburg, where we are based from.

Linus: Yeah we are going to do a two set piece, we are going to play our entire last album, Lazarus Bird –
*someone opens the door and yells something in Swedish.  Linues Answers back in Swedish*
- then play songs from all of our previous records, so its gonna be a two hour show. 

TH: A good sendoff for you guys.  Well being from Gothenburg, when you think Gothenburg, Sweden you think of course about the death metal scene, At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, what was it like starting Burst with that whole scene going on?

Jonas: Actually, we started out, were not from Gothenburg, we moved there.  So I would say instead of At The Gates, we were probably more influenced by the Stockholm death metal scene.  Dismember, Unleashed, those bands.  I wouldn’t say were fans of the melodic death metal scene, were more old school basically. 

TH: Well anything you guys want to say -

*the idiot from before tries to say Burst is melodic as Linus tries to tell him they are doing an interview*

TH: fuck Tallahassee.  Is there anything you guys want to say to your fans in the United States?
Jonas: We are having a fucking blast! *gives thumbs up* I am glad we came over here finally, we had been meaning to come here for the past couple of years and were just so stoked to finally be here. 

Linus: Yeah, same with me.  I am so glad to see your country, and playing for those guys that showed up, were havin a blast man.  *Thumbs up, horns up*

TH: Allright you can watch this interview and two of the songs from tonights show in Tallahassee on Tyronehood.com.  Goodnight America, and Hej då Sweden!

Burst: Hej då!