Fort Walton Beach, Florida
October 9, 2009
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Fronz: *Smiles* Ahhh, dude actually funny story is ahh we traded the Banana suit for a Gator suit and the gator suit got stolen...

Sean: But now we got a smiley face...

Fronz: Ohh yeah! We got a smiley suit but I don’t know if I’m busting it our tonight I got to feel it, you know? Banana suit was fun though!

TH: Yeah it looked like a lot of fun; I usually dress up as a Gorilla for Halloween so I guess I should have done the interview in that one

Fronz: That would have been sweet! Attila Gorilla!

TH: After this tour is over what is the bands plans?

Attila: Writing!

Sean: New CD release A.S.A.P

Fronz: We need a new album A.S.A.P. and we are writing and making it happen the second we get home

Paul: Expect cool shit from Attila in the year 2010.

TH: That is definitely something to look forward to.... Well the Bio you guys have on your Myspace describes you as “Party Death Metal.” That is fucking awesome... Please tell me and everyone else what is party death metal?

Fronz: Basically, what I would say, Death Metal, when you think about it, you think of your typical gory, whatever, Death Metal lyrics, whatever you want to call it.

Paul: Maiming sluts.

Fronz: Maiming sluts, yeah, of course. But I, like as far as lyrics go, I just wanted to put a little spin on it and just make it lyrics that I felt that me and my friends could relate to. And we all love to party, smoke, drink, whatever we can, you know, to have a good time, pass the time. So, I feel like, you know, playing music that relates to activities that we like to do is, you know, gives an opportunity for people to connect with our music more. You know, not everyone can relate with skull fucking a dead corpse. I can but not everyone can, so...

TH: When I read "party death metal," I thought of some guy in corpse paint doing a hit out of a beer bong or something.

Everyone: *laughs*

TH: Blew me away. So, what are the main influences on you guys?

Fronz: Smokin'.

Sean: Smoking and like metal and rap.

TH: Metal and rap, aight.

Attila: Yeah.

Fronz: We're, yeah, we listen to a lot of rap.

Nate: But not Linken Park.

Sean: Yeah, not metal-rap like Linken Park

Nate: Not Limp Biscuit either.

TH: Gangster rap and Death Metal.

Attila: Yeah, G stuff.

Nate: That dirty south.

Chris: Any music that has swag or a grove to it.

TH: Alright, awesome. What's the writing process like for you guys? Like, what goes into it?

Nate: Smoking.

Fronz: A lot.

Chris: A lot.

Everyone: *Laughs*

Paul: Smoking.

Sean: A lot of smoking and just like jamming.

Fronz: We all bring different stuff to the table, collaborate. One thing about us is we're just very very critical about what we write. Like we've written a lot of material already that we've just broke it down and cut out parts, put in parts. We're just really critical about the writing process but we each bring stuff to the table and we all have ideas and we all come together as a whole and usually it ends up working just fine.

TH: Awesome. Well, when you guys aren't writing music or on tour, what do you guys doing?

Paul and Fronz: Smoking.

TH: How did I know?

Everyone: *laughs*

Nate: We're usually with each other too. When we're not on tour, we're hanging out,

Sean: Yeah, we're always just chilling.

Fonz: We all live in the same area, same road pretty much, street area, so...

Chris: There's a couple of local bands in our area that we always chill with. Just like a big group of friends that always come over to our practices.

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