Fort Walton Beach, Florida
October 9, 2009
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On October 9th, 2009, Attila preformed at the Boys and Girls Club in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and they sat down with TH to discuss moss, gangsta rap, and death metal.

TYRONEHOOD: Alright we are here with ATTILA out of Atlanta, Georgia before there show tonight in Ft. Walton Beach Florida, You guys were in Tampa last night, Miami earlier, How’s the Sunshine state been treating you so far?

Sean Heenan: Sick dude! We were at the beach for a little while today, took some showers

Chris Fronzak: It’s really hot, first part of the tour was frigid cold now it’s really hot even though it’s October it’s still HOT

TH: All of our friends up north are like “Holy shit, your stilling going to the beach”

Sean: Yeah that’s how it was, we were waiting for snow and ice about a week and a half ago, and now it’s just like no shirts, shorts sandals

Paul Ollinger: We have no AC, so it’s been a little extra brutal

TH: Well I’m glad y’all are enjoying my home town getting to go to the beach, this tour started back in September and like you said been all over the place, big cities and small town I’ve never fucking heard of

Sean: Yeah

TH: What has the experience been like?

Paul: It’s been sweet man, Overall the tour has done very well

Chris Linck: This tour has definitely been our favorite tour, so far... The bands who are on tour are great guys we have a lot in common

Fronz: We get along with the people on this tour more than any other tour we have been on and as far as turnouts go it’s been way better than any other tour, it’s definitely been a step-up for us for sure

TH: Awesome, What have you guys been doing to pass time on this tour?

Attila: (All together) Smoke lot’s of weed!

Fronz: Smoke as much a humanly possible, drink a lot and interact and chill with people, girls and bands. You know, being social and talking to anyone we can.

TH: Sounds like a good time, any cities on this tour that stood out as your favorite?

Fronz: *Asks the band* What would you guys say?

Chris: Probably North Carolina, it was crazy this time!

Paul: Yeah, Raleigh was fun!

Fronz: Virginia Beach...

Paul: Manchester, New Hampshire

Sean: *laughs*

TH: Manchester New Hampshire? I’ll have to put that on my travels list...

Sean: Yeah, Manchester has all the edge kids

Nate Salameh: *Walks in room on cell phone, saying Bye Mom, Love you...*

Attila: *Laughs as Nate sits down*

TH: Looking over your Twitter I understand that you has a run in with John Law a few days ago? Sleeping in the van... what happened?

Fronz: We got about seven tickets on this tour... so far!

Sean: It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, I was talking to the cop and he told me I “Should have made better choices” And I said “Oh, I thought I did, I wasn’t even driving drunk last night.” Instead we slept in the van; I guess that was still the wrong choice

Chris: Every single band that is on this tour package was all there that night and everything single one of them got a ticket

Paul: We all got fucked!

Fronz: We have gotten trailer light tickets..

Sean: Seatbelt tickets, parking violations

Fronz: The cops are after us!

TH: All coppers are fucking bustards

Attila: Yeah! Fuck the police! *holding up middle fingers*

TH: On the past tour you made it up to Canada, what was it like playing in another country with the fans up there?

Paul: Amazing.

Chris: Canada was the best

Paul: We are actually heading back!

Nate: People the people who couldn’t speak English and like they know your songs but they cant like talk to you or speak to you

Sean: It’s very awkward because like the kids are exited but you cant even talk to them your just like... *hold a thumbs up*

Chris: In most places in Canada you can, just Montreal blew us away, we got there in there was 250-300 kids at our show and every single one of them knew the lyrics and half of them didn’t even speak English

Sean: Hearing like little French accents “You told me you cared”

TH: My boy Jonny lives up there and wanted me to tell you guys what’s up!

Attila: Sup Jonny? ! We love you...

Paul: And his parents... and her breakfast sandwiches

Chris: And that juice she brought us!

Attila: Peach Juice!

Sean: Hooked us up with two bottles

TH: Awesome, well thank you miss Jackson... I was looking at tour footage from earlier and Fronz I saw you in a Banana suit, you going to bust that out tonight?

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